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About Me

Toni Brown is the owner of Precious Memories Customized Plaques (PMCP) which is a small business that strongly supports finding a cure for Alzheimer's. She is the sole primary caregiver of her mother, affectionately known as "Momma Dot", who suffers from stage 4 Alzheimer's. PMCP started as a unique gift idea with no intention of creating a business. Over time, the demand for plaques began to increase which happened through word-of-mouth. During this time, Toni became increasingly involved with the Alzheimer's Association and became an advocate and community educator. Each plaque is individually designed to capture the precious memory of the recipient. The plaques come in different colors and sizes to accommodate any occasion. We are delighted to partner with Kinara Park Kids ® and Black 4 Charities as the plaque company for the inaugural Kwanzaa Awards.

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